New architecture diagram using plantuml

The newest addition to my homeassistant-config: A architecture diagram of all the important hardware and software parts in my setup

I wanted this overview for some time, mostly for myself and to show how intertwined a home-automation setup.


When I finally found the time to actually do it using PlantUML it was a matter of minutes to determine the elements, their connection and display the image using the plantuml proxy as described in this blog post.

Sadly my first image returned from the proxy server was cut in half. I tried to come up with a solution and found out, that when I generate the diagram as svg directly on it was not cut in half. But now I had to get the long URL of the image and put it into my Markdown in my repo. And I would have to do that everytime I changed something in the .puml file. That defeats one of the great benefits of PlantUML.

I headed over to the source code of the plantuml proxy servlet and found that I can supply a GET parameter &fmt=svg to force the generation of SVG instead of PNG.

This worked perfectly. I love PlantUML!

You can find my repo under