Finally Finished my Homeassistant Configuration

More and more people start to ask me what software I use for my smart home system. I started of with some scripts in nodeJS and Python to control 433Mhz Sockets and tried to embed them in a webpage so I can have nice little buttons to click. Turns out I am not a frontend developer and will never be, it looked horrible and I had no real fun in doing it.

In my search for a nice frontend to control my Smart Home I came across OpenHAB, iobroker and finally Home-Assistant. Out of the three I liked the UI of Home-Assistant the most and gave it a go.


Yes, I initially chose my Smart Home System on which I spend many hours because I thought it looked nice! :D

I am very glad that after all this years I can say that this was a good decision.

Home-Assistant has a great community, is easy to get started and gives me everything and every component I can ask for. It’s fun!

Now back to the question I get asked all of the time

What system and what devices are you using?

Until know I could only answer one part of it:

I use Home-Assistant and Appdaemon to control all my devices.

But today I finally finished the documentation of my Homeassistant Configuration which also consists of all the devices I use. It is based on the great documentation of CCOSTAN and you can can find it here: